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  • Angel Tree
    Fulfill a holiday wish for a keiki or a senior in need.
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  • Business ExpressLine or Term Loan
    No better time than now.
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  • EMV chip cards
    A new level of security.
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    Rates you can't ignore.
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  • Avoid Overdraft Fees
    How to Avoid Overdraft Fees
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  • Identity Theft
    Fight back against identity theft
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  • PV Power
    Finance the installation of your Photovoltaic system.
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  • Convenient & Safe
    CPB Platinum Debit MasterCard®
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30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
4.035% APR
as of 11/19/2015 Click here for Important Information
Home Equity Line of Credit
Introductory Rate
1.75% APR
Fixed for Two Years Click here for Important Information

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